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Rates & Policies

Type of Rooms Room Name
Regular Season
Quiet Season *
Standard Queen rooms Aspen
$  95 – $115
$ 90
Methow Valley **
$105 – $125
$ 95
Trout Hollow
$100 – $120
$ 90
Corral **
$115 – $135
$ 95
Pasayten **
$115 – $135
$ 95
Eagle’s Nest
$110 – $130
$ 95
Fireplace Queen rooms Wiley Coyote
$125 – $145
Dancing Bears
$125 – $145
Fireplace King rooms Patio Level
$155 – $185
Balcony Suite
$165 – $205
              Queen Cabins Country Cabin **
$135 – $155
Fireplace Queen Cabins Romantic Queen Cabin
$155 – $175
Fireplace King Cabin Romantic King Cabin **
$185 – $245

Reservation Policy
In order to make a reservation, a credit card will be required at the time the reservation is made. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card. Please do not use a debit card to reserve your room, if funds are not readily available at the time we pre-authorize your card or at check in, you may lose your reservation. When you check out, you may leave it on your credit card, pay by debit card, check or cash. We will send you a confirmation by email or regular mail. The Chewuch Inn reserves the right to take a 50% deposit on your cancellation date or in some circumstances at the time of reservation for groups. Group reservations are considered 5 or more rooms, during the busier season, the Chewuch Inn will most likely ask for a longer cancellation period and an up front non refundable deposit.

Cancellation Policy
Reservations may be canceled 14 days (4/01 thru 10/31) or 30 days (11/01 thru 3/31) prior to your arrival date. Cancellation after that date will require that you be responsible for the entire reservation in the event that we are unable to rebook it. We will try to re-book your cancelled reservation and If we are successful and we do rebook your reservation, a charge of 20% to cover our expenses will be charged to your account. Early departures and late arrivals on minimum night stays will require a 50% re-book fee.

Pet Policy
The Chewuch Inn has a no pet policy, which means no pets are allowed on the property or in rooms. With extreme temperatures in both summer and winter seasons, it is often not appropriate to leave your pet in your car. We have two good kennels close by, “Rover’s Ranch” or “All Four Paws”. They are close enough that you can pick your pet up during the day and drop it off at night. In the event of a pet in a room, guests will be charged a full days rate, this is the revenue we lose due to holding it vacant while carpets and linens are completely cleaned, we do this for the guest who may have pet allergies. Other cleaning charges & damage will also be charged if needed.

The Inn, rooms and cabins are a smoke free environment. Smoking is allowed out on the grounds. Please do so while following Washington states law, smoking 25’ from any public entrance. Also please refrain from smoking on your deck as your neighbor may not appreciate it. Be aware that our environment here on the East slopes of the Mountains is very dry, make sure you have extinguished your cigarette completely and dispose of your butt in an airtight container before putting it in the garbage.

Weather Conditions
We cannot be responsible for winter weather conditions. If you will be arriving during the winter, please be sure to carry proper equipment for driving in the snow. Carry snow chains for driving over the passes. Our local roads are almost always in good conditions for winter travel. There are no refunds for road closures, however, if both Stevens & Snoqualmie passes are closed for eight or more hours, we will not charge you for that day, we do however expect you to arrive the following day should you be staying more than one night. We recommend that you check weather conditions as well as the Washington State Mt. Pass Report or call 800-695-ROAD.

You are responsible for any and all damages that you or a member of your party may have made beyond normal wear and tear during your stay. You agree that you are responsible to pay the full cost of replacement or repair of damaged items. You agree to pay for any excessive cleaning charges that occurred during your stay.