Outdoor Activities in the North Cascades Mountains

The North Cascades Mountains that surround the Methow Valley have been dubbed the American Alps, one of the most beautiful places to enjoy outdoor activities and scenery. The North Cascades highway is the highest route in the state across the Cascades mountains, reaching 5470’ at Washington Pass. You will climb out of the Puget Sound Basin, over the Cascade Crest and down into the Methow Valley on State Route 20, recognized as a National Scenic highway. Our section of the North Cascades Mountains are comprised of the Ross Lake National Recreation area, the North Cascades National Park, Okanogan National Forest, Pasayten Wilderness and the Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness, combined, make the largest assemblage of public land in the lower 48 states.

Things to do

What to do:

  • Downhill skiing and tubing
  • Back country touring and heli skiing
  • Ice skating, snowshoeing, sledding, and snowmobiling
  • Birding, wildlife, and photography
  • Mountain biking and road riding
  • Hiking, trail running, and camping
  • Fishing and horseback riding


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